Our focus targets social housing. What is social housing and how can people benefit from it....? Can we improve the housing landscape of cities to be sustainable? How do we find a home...?  


These are just a few of the questions everyone wants answered when we look for a home, a neighborhood, or even a city to live.


There are many organizations that provide residents with a variety of answers, from advise, to housing programs for seniors, youth, veterans, or homeless. We think the key to success finding a home lays in connecting with the community services and organizations that deliver housing information, options, and programs. Besides specialized support, there is got to be an entrepreneurial spirit that, like the one of the early rural pioneers, pushes people to do the most with little.


In this website, we invite you to co-create resources that can guide individuals to connect with housing experts, people who have experience bringing precise, actual, and productive ideas to the social housing market. 

Interested? We want your feedback

Whether you just want to read, dialogue, learn, or get training, connecting is the first step to be part of this community. Do not feel excluded from sustainable development programs. We invite you to register as a member and provide information about your experience and interests. We will then contact you and keep you updated with news and opportunities to contribute.


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